Wikipedia defines freedom as the capacity of the conscience to think and act in accordance with a person's free will. The word freedom has Indo-European origins, coming from the root prī, meaning "to love" - "afraid" comes from the same root, using the prefix 'a' to denote contrariety. Freedom - Fear. 

Lately I have thought about the concept of freedom, and I like Wikipedia's definition.

Why do we feel more free in nature, outside the city? There's certainly a part that's due to geographical mobility (we can go wherever we want), but there's also a deeper sentiment, one associated to leaving behind society's restrictions and stereotypes. 

For me, the big question is if this kind of liberty hides a path to happiness and, if so, how to follow it. 

Ca t’arrive des fois après faire une belle voie ou une route en montagne, en ski de rando... que quand tu te couches tu peux pas dormir? Tu fermes les yeux et tu continues à y penser
— JB